Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The next webinar is coming soon!  I am hearing from several new students who were referred to me by happy previous students. So stay tuned, and get in touch if you're interested, please.  I'm just trying to choose a new day and time that's best for everyone! 

"Sue Bachner's writing webinar was excellent.  Great, useful, information for writers on all levels.  I definitely recommend it."

Joyce Griffen

"I found Sue Bachner's webinar "Not Later, Write Now!" super helpful. She offered terrific advice on blocking distractions, committing to a schedule, and really interesting information about  our tricky brains. It was definitely worth the time, and I've been applying Sue's advice with good results since the webinar!"

Adela Brito, writer and editor

"I highly recommend the webinar "Not Later, Write Now!" I was procrastinating with one of my writing projects and the afternoon spent with Sue Bachner's interactive webinar, was the perfect solution to get me back on track with my writing.

Sue Bachner, a writer herself, understands how easily we writers get distracted. She offers comprehensive tips and activities that one can start applying right away to get focused and block out distractions. After taking her webinar, I was able to apply her advice toward writing my screenplay and wrote three days in a row because of it."

Margarita Kurtz, Editor and Writer

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