Monday, April 22, 2013

Many thanks to all who attended our first webinar yesterday!

I think a great time was had by all and it appears that a lot of learning was accomplished on the part of the students. I got some great insights from my students, too. I'm hoping to have some student reviews about the class soon, so stay tuned. 

Time for a little poll:  I have a group of 4 or 5 people I think who told me that they wanted to attend the seminar yesterday, but that Sundays are bad for them because of work or other obligations. 

If you're interested in doing the next seminar, could you please let me know generally when would be the best time for you to attend? ( The webinar takes about an hour and a half total.)  Early or late weekday evenings? Weekend days? Weekend evenings? 
(I'm in New York, so if you're not in EST let me know that too, please.) Be as specific as you like, and I'll collate your info and try to schedule the next one at a time when the most people would be available. 
You can either comment here on the blog, or you're welcome to email me at:

Looking forward to hearing from you and looking forward to the next webinar! 


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